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Re-Imagine Their Tomorrow

“You too, can perform miracles…by touching the hearts of children.”

Saint John Baptist de La Salle

We Believe In:

Many of the youth we serve experience poverty and frustration in their economic, social, psychological and spiritual lives. In the midst of such hopelessness and adversity it makes sense that many do not understand how to be positive about the future.

Saint Gabriel’s System takes the time to serve each client and help them see that a positive future is possible. We provide a Safe environment where young people learn how to understand and manage their Emotions, handle Losses in their life and community; and move forward to a brighter Future. This is done by equipping them with protective measures that will enable them to succeed: Achieving a Diploma, Career and Technical Training and Certification; obtaining job readiness skills and work habits; obtaining employment; internalizing the value of regular school attendance; and internalizing the value of counseling. Ultimately we are arming young people with Affect Regulation; Coping Skills; Educational Skills; Career Technical Skills; and Employment Skills which provide the keys to success.

We are more than a school or treatment facility-we help children re-imagine tomorrow.

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Program Objective

  • To prevent further involvement of youth in the juvenile justice system.
  • To help youth be accountable for their actions, develop victim empathy and take greater responsibility for the quality of life in their family and community.
  • To develop measurable competencies that help youth become more responsible and productive members of their communities.

Program Highlights

  • A Sanctuary Trauma Informed Certified Residential Program located in Audubon, PA
  • The program offers
    • General residential care
    • Drug and alcohol treatment unit
    • Pre-adolescent unit
  • Serves male youth 14-19 years (older youth reviewed on a case-by-case basis), in the General Residential and Drug and Alcohol units, and male youth, ages 11-13 in the Pre-adolescent unit
  • Year-round academic program accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Career technical education program in the following areas:
    • Culinary Arts (including ServSave certification)
    • Microsoft Specialist certification
    • Building and landscape maintenance
  • Past recipient of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission Residential Program of the Year award

General Components of Treatment

  • High School Diploma program, GED Mastery preparation, Special Education and career development
  • Small class size (teacher to student ratio is 1:10); Credit recovery night school
  • Comprehensive social worker services to youth and family
  • Monthly in-home family visits from youth’s Clinical Therapist (social worker)
  • Door-to-door transportation for family therapy sessions (as indicated by treatment team)
  • Mental health clinic that provides psychological and psychiatric evaluations, individual, group and family therapy and therapeutic staff support services
  • Medical and dental services
  • Community service opportunities, conflict resolution, law related education and victim empathy skills training
  • Cultural, recreational and athletic activities
  • Aftercare planning and aftercare services in the community

Specialized Treatment Services

Drug and alcohol unit:

  • 48 bed dormitory
  • 1:6 social worker to client ratio
  • Intensive individual, group and family counseling based on Reality Therapy model
  • Individual focus on substance abuse and relapse prevention skills development
  • Daily groups that address relapse prevention, community reintegration, anger management, conflict resolution, life skills and job readiness
  • On and off campus meetings with Montgomery and Philadelphia County Alateen, Al-Anon, AA and NA 12-step programs
  • Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol programs

Pre-Adolescent unit:

  • 16 bed dormitory
  • Staff to client ratio is 1:8
  • Self-contained middle school classrooms
  • People Helping People counselor assigned specifically to the Pre-Adolescent unit to provide intensive group activities for 6 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Individual and family therapy provided by a Masters level clinical therapist
  • On-going social skills and competency development groups

Admission Criteria

  • Male youth ages 13 to 19 (older youth reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Youth must be adjudicated delinquent or have a deferred adjudication on a delinquent matter and be adjudicated dependent (crossover case / shared case management)
  • Full scale IQ of 65 or above, reading levels will be considered (no single factor is used to exclude)
  • Youth must be able to fully participate in treatment, without severe restrictions from physical activity (medical clearance may be required)
  • Youth with an extensive history of assaultive behaviors, serious sexual offenses, fire setting, cruelty to animals or severe emotional psychological or psychiatric disorders will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

Referral Information

Please send Philadelphia County referrals to:

Saint Gabriel’s System Court Representative
Philadelphia Family Court
1501 Arch Street, 9th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Court Rep: 215-873-4149
Court Rep: 215-873-4160
Fax: 215-568-1466

For Philadelphia clients, the program is funded in part through a contract with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Please send all other county referrals to:

(or if you would like additional information about Saint Gabriel’s Hall)

Residential Director
Saint Gabriel’s Hall
Box 7280 / Pawlings Road
Audubon, PA 19407
Phone: 215-247-2776
Phone: 610-666-7970
Fax: 610-666-1479