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Reintegration Services


Reintegration Services are provided to youth who are committed to Saint Gabriel’s Hall and their families. Services begin approximately 30 to 60 days before discharge and are focused on assisting youth and their families with the re-entry process from Saint Gabriel’s Hall to the home and community through the development of community-based resources.


The idea and need for follow-up and aftercare in the Saint Gabriel’s System has a long standing history. Since 1910 the need for someone to ‘”look after boys that have been discharged from the Institution”’ has been recorded and provided for through a variety of ways…the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a Christian Brother visitor, a system of parole, and the St. Gabriel’s Club at La Salle College (now University). In the early 1960s the caseworkers at Saint Gabriel’s Hall provided the needed aftercare services. The Saint Gabriel’s System’s day treatment centers, De La Salle in Towne and De La Salle Vocational were considered an integral part of the aftercare planning. In the early 1990s after negotiating with the Department of Human Services Saint Gabriel’s System initiated an aftercare component. In 1991 the De La Salle Aftercare was established. The first clients came from Saint Gabriel’s Hall however, the services expanded to other institutions and in 1992 the program was to provide aftercare services for the City of Philadelphia including a historic first to service young women. Today Reintegration Services still provide aftercare and treatment for all Saint Gabriel’s Hall youth. Aftercare still remains “the final transition within the System.”

(“A Century of Service: An Account of the Growth of the Saint Gabriel’s System, 1898-1998” by Br. Joseph L. Grabenstein, FSC, Archivist and Sr. Margaret Donohue, RSM, Editor)

Program Requirements

• Reintegration Services must be court committed
• Reintegration Services are for youth who are discharged from Saint Gabriel’s Hall
• Reintegration Services are provided for up to six (6) months following discharge