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Success Stories

The Mission of St. Gabriel’s System is to serve, in the words of the Founder, Saint Jean Baptiste De La Salle, “the least, the last and the lost.” Saint Gabriel’s System gives the youth entrusted to our care hope for the future. As a System, Saint Gabriel’s is committed to helping youth achieve positive outcomes that will contribute to a positive future. The youth in our care learn to control their feelings and become accountable for their behavior. As a result they have the opportunity to improve their academic levels, learn career/technical skills and earn a diploma. These outcomes help the youth become productive citizens and serve their community.

Our Stories

Nijul P. Graduates and receives LEADERSHIP Award

Nijul P. graduated on February 8, 2011 with his high school diploma. He was awarded for LEADERSHIP. Nijul exhibits empathy and compassion for others and he’s not afraid to show it, he was enjoyable to work with while restoring St. Gabe’s greenhouse, he led peers by strong and consistent work ethic in all circumstances, he would quietly show others the right way to complete a task, he was respected by all and always respectful of others, he consistently earned the highest school points on his fraternity, and was sought out by others whenever they needed someone dependable and trustworthy. We look forward to his ongoing success.

Devon R. Graduates from High School

Devon R., a De La Salle Vocational student will be receiving his HS Diploma in January 2011. Over the summer he completed a six week paid internship at The Dell Music Center, as part of the Learn To Earn Program.  Between now and January 2011, he will also be completing another six week paid internship with the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department.

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