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The Mitchell Program


The Mitchell Program is an intensive 120 day residential treatment program for male youth who are court adjudicated ages 13-18, focused on balanced and restorative justice (BARJ), Sanctuary Model of Trauma Informed Care and therapeutic principles, followed by 6 months of community-based reintegration services. The Mitchell Program provides a year-round, on-site accredited academic school program to earn credits as well as opportunities for GED testing. Weekly on-site family visitation is offered as well as individual, group and family therapy services.


The former Special Care Unit, the Brooder House, was renovated in mid-1991 and renamed Mitchell Hall after Brother Eumenus Cyril (Mitchell), who was the longtime supervisor of agriculture on the property. For a period of two years it served as pre-release program of St. Gabriel’s Hall to prepare up to twenty residents in various life skills several months leading up to discharge. In August 1998 the Mitchell Program took over the Mitchell Hall and began providing a 90 day intensive, high impact residential component which centered around building a therapeutic community followed by six-month community-based aftercare. In memory of Brother Cyril, a major feature of this therapeutic community is the residents’ active participation in a small-scale farm. Part of the daily structure includes the care of animals.

Program Requirements

• Male youth, ages 13 to 18 years
• Youth must be adjudicated delinquent and court committed
• Full scale IQ of 70 or above, minimum of 2nd grade reading level (lower IQ levels/reading levels will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
• Youth must be able to fully participate in treatment, without severe restrictions from physical activity (medical clearance may be required)
• Youth with a history of assaultive behaviors, serious sexual offense, fire setting, cruelty to animals or serve emotional psychological or psychiatric disorders will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis